picture hanging services

My installer offers picture-hanging services for residential, retail, hospitality, and commercial settings, including offices and galleries.

For a beautiful, high-quality picture hanging service, you need expert advice; hence, we collaborate closely with the top interior designers. Our skilled art and picture installation staff can assist you in designing picture galleries that are tailored to your individual needs.

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For your convenience, my installer offers express picture hanging services in Cape Town, Fish Hoek, Simons Town, Cape Winelands, Paarl, Stellenbosch, Franschhoek, Somerset West, Strand, and Gordon’s Bay.

Some of the hanging services we offer are:

  • Paintings (Art Galleries)
  • Mirrors
  • Picture collages
  • Certificates ( Schools and Universities)
  • Televisions

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My installer’s art installation team is aware of the value of art, as some pieces can be pricey. To ensure that your priceless artwork is not damaged, extra care and attention are given to every artwork installation.

We will do a comprehensive evaluation to identify elements like lighting, ventilation, dampness, and security that will impact a high-quality picture-hanging service.

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There are numerous methods for hanging pictures on walls without causing too much damage to the wall; you may select the most suitable method from our selection of self-adhesive hangers.

We can hang your pictures without nails. What to consider before hanging a picture on the wall;

  • The room you want to use.
  • Height of the ceiling. (Generally, it is best to keep the center of each work about eye level; this can vary depending on the size of frames and your walls, but mostly 1.6 metres from the ground is perfect.
  • The number of frames.
  • Weight of the frames.

art hanging services cape town

Do you have a treasured piece of art or memory that you’d want to hang? Our skilled art installers will assist you in hanging your memories in an eye-catching manner.

Which style of layout should you choose?

  1. Is your taste traditional?
  2. Do you feel adventurous?

Depending on your style, your photo memories can be displayed in any of the arrangements below.

Grid Arrangement

It creates a feeling of harmony in your room. It is a great solution if you have several artworks of similar size.

  • Choose the same colour frames with a common colour theme.
  • View your work as a single work.

Row Arrangement

This works when you have prints of different sizes. You can tell a story with your prints and take your guests on an artistic adventure.

Salon Hanging

This works very well when hanging lots of prints close together, showing off your collection.

Loose Grid

Are you a fan of organized chaos? This works when working with different-sized prints to find a vertical line. You can hang multiple prints between two windows and align them all on the same vertical line; the results are stunning!

Do you want the interior of your house to tell a story or take your guests on an artistic adventure? Get in touch with our installation team on 083 356 4888, you call, and we hang it.